Territorial planning documents preparation and territorial planning process state supervision information system (TPDRIS) of the Republic of Lithuania has been operational since 5 October 2015. This system allows the territorial planning process to carry out electronically since the decision making on territorial planning document (TPD) preparation and planning goals to submission of documents to the territorial planning documents register. Electronic documents, signed by electronic signature, with all the accompanying documents can be submitted and can be received answers through a web portal www.tpdris.lt .

Using TPDRIS there are possibilities remotely provide a decision on TPD writing start and planning goals, planning work program, to prepare and issue territorial planning conditions, to provide other documents of preparatory stage and of the stage of formulating territorial planning documents, to publicize TPD decisions. In the same way, the public also may submit proposals and receive answers from the planning organizer. Using this information system TPD coordination, inspection, approval and registration makes it possible to provide a one-stop-shop territorial planning services. It is possible not only to submit an application, but also to receive for services remotely. The external portal provides the opportunity to obtain the necessary data from the state registers and information systems.

The developed information system will harmonize and simplify the procedures of territorial planning process, will ensure the legitimacy of the process, state, municipal and public alignment of interest, prevention of infringements. Territorial planning process will become clearer to TPDRIS users and it will reduce the financial and time costs of preparing the TPD.

TPDRIS is reformed so that if the institution within the prescribed period will not provide findings or protocol on TPD harmonization or the inspection report findings, these documents will be issued automatically. If the institution within the prescribed period will not provide territorial planning conditions, will be considered that the institution does not impose the following conditions and the planning organizer or initiator will have the right to continue the process.

All procedures of territorial planning process (preparatory stage, the stage of formulating territorial planning documents and the conclusive stage) that have been started on 5 October 2015, on the basis of decisions on the TPD beginning of the preparation and planning purposes, must be carried out through TPDRIS. Those subjects who fail to meet these procedures through information system are expected to apply administrative responsibility.



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